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Introducing our latest
award-winning product

G-Sense 2D.
Voted innovative lighting
product of the year!

motion-detection battery
  • Motion Detection

    Full brightness on occupancy, auto dims to 25% when no one is around, using up to 70% less energy than other LED 2D replacements.

  • Built-in Battery Backup

    Rechargeable batteries ensure continued bright light when mains power fails.

    They have yet to develop batteries that last as long as our lamps so we use easy to replace AA batteries.

  • retro-fit

    All of this in a single unit. Just plug in to your current 2D fixture and play!

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5 YEAR Guarantee

Why switch to retrofit LED lighting?



Our LED lamps produce the same
quality of light as traditional lamps
with only a fraction of the power.
Save up to 85% on your energy bill.
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Once installed our lamps are
maintenance-free, just fit them
and forget them. Save around
90% on your maintenance costs.
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That’s 20 years if on for 7 hours a
day or 11 years at 12 hours a day.
So whatever your future holds,
it’s bound to be bright.
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Goodlight™ retrofit LED lamps strike on instantly at full
brightness, no warm up required. Combine them with PIRS for
ultimate energy efficiency
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Extraordinary lamps,
with ordinary fittings.

We’re the leaders in retrofit LED lighting. Our products
simply and easily integrate into your existing system
with no need for extra control gear.

Our Goodlight™ lamps are designed and tested
rigorously in the UK. We specify the best components,
so that Goodlight™ lamps are brighter and more reliable
than the rest.